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As a woodturner and sculptor I try to combine images with the forms I create on the lathe and then carve into the finished vessel.  My goal is to achieve a synthesis between the once living tree and the curves and movement of the carved vessel it has become.  The grain and texture of the wood add a warmth and vitality that gives a distinct dimension to the finished piece. I work almost exclusively with local woods.  During the turning process grain, color, knots and other features in the wood are revealed, often driving the design of the piece. Thus, a knot or a dark area in the wood becomes an eye, in the swirl of the grain we find  the sweep of a wing….  All brought out, emphasized and enhanced by the carving. 

With an emphasis on wildlife, I try to capture the essence of nature in the wood I turn and carve.  Birds, fish, and animals are all enhaced by the once living wood in which they are carved.

In my work you will discover, wooden bowls and vases, sculpture, hand carved and turned birds, animals and fish — a celebration of wildlife.

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