About Bowl Arts

Wood turning has fascinated me ever since I saw an exhibition presented by the American Association of Woodturners a few years ago.  The pieces on display were stunning works of art that pushed the creativity of the lathe far beyond the salad bowls and staircase spindles I had associated with woodturning.  I  followed up this fascination by taking lessons.  After acquiring some basic skills I began spending more and more time at the lathe and less and less in what was my “day job” as a television documentary producer and author.   Then in 2003, I opted for a new career as a full time wood turner and carver. In many ways, the two careers are not, as they may seem to be, mutually exclusive.  I have always been fascinated by images and ideas, essential elements for writing, directing and as I have discovered, for woodturning and wood carving.

With an emphasis on wildlife, I try to capture the essence of nature in the wood I turn and carve.  Birds, fish, and animals are all enhaced by the once living wood in which they are carved.

Prices range from $35 to $1000, but most of the pieces are in the $100 to $400 range.  My work has won numerous awards including  First Place in Wood Carving at the Georgia National Fair.